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My style has stemmed from a variety of influences over the years. My music and lyrics are often influenced by my personal life, but I‘ve found that my actual style as a frontman draws from a handful of familiar names.

Steven Tyler

Aerosmith wouldn’t have been the same without Steven Tyler. His vocal range and musical ability were insane, but it’s really his high energy in performances that sealed the deal. He first claimed his fame in the ’70s, but Steven Tyler is definitely a rock icon whose talent endures to this day.

Scott Weiland

Scott Weiland’s career was three decades worth of incredible music. He was taken from us in 2015 at the age of 48, but his style was a huge influence on me. I first noticed Weiland when he was with Stone Temple Pilots, but I followed his career until the very end because he truly had incredible talent.

Freddie Mercury

Especially with the recent movie about his life, I’m sure almost everyone has now heard of Freddie Mercury. Even for those who never had the privilege of seeing him perform live in person can appreciate his power and enthusiasm by watching old videos. His unique voice and passion for his work is a rare combination.

Layne Staley

From his distinct vocal style to his ability to harmonize, Layne Staley was a force to reckon with. Most famous for being the frontman of Alice in Chains, his talent and stage presence helped the band emerge as a powerhouse in the industry. I also relate to the fact that many of Staley’s lyrics stemmed from his own personal troubles.

Andrew Wood

Andrew Wood of Mother Love Bone and Malfunkshun passed in 1990, but he was well-known for his exuberant performances. Even after his death, those close to Andrew Wood made sure that his legacy lived on. In 2011, the album “Melodies & Dreams” was released, featuring unreleased songs and demos he recorded throughout his life.

Ian Astbury

Ian Astbury is best known for founding and being lead vocalist for The Cult. Through various rock genres and bands, his legendary presence and talent prevailed consistently.

Joey Ramone

Of course, another huge influence for me was Joey Ramone of the Ramones. His image, signature voice and presence as a frontman solidified his spot as a punk rock icon, even after his death in 2001.

Nowadays, so many frontmen don’t have the power and presence that these icons brought to the stage. To me, a frontman should be larger than life. When you’re watching them perform, it should be an experience that leaves you totally immersed in their art. It’s definitely rare in today’s music culture to find frontmen who have that kind of “wow” factor.

I’ve always been drawn to the outlaws of rock n’ roll. I think that influenced my style in a big way, but I’ve always had a bit of outlaw blood running through me. I used to party hard and have quite an interesting life. Although my life has calmed down a bit, I’m still an outlaw — both at heart and on the stage.