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Tony West is the lead singer of Blacklist Union, a rock ’n roll band that is based in Los Angeles and has made their mark all over the world.

They have toured nationally and grown an international fanbase, all while staying true to their unique brand of street rock since day one.

“With us, it’s guaranteed to be high-energy, kick-ass rock and roll with authentic lyrics of real life. Nothing contrived.” – Tony West, GuitarWorld

As the frontman and founder of the group, Tony — who ran away from the Bronx as a teenager and has lived in Hollywood ever since — spins a musical web that tackles everything from addiction to sex to death to living on the edge of destruction. Tony prides himself on writing lyrics that are real and raw, aiming to inspire others in the same way that music has inspired him since he was a kid.

“I’m hoping to achieve touching, moving, and inspiring people.  I was the kid that needed music to survive. I’m the kid that learned more about eating right and politics from punk rock than I did from any teacher.” (Metal Exiles)

Blacklist Union debuted in 2006 with their album “After The Mourning,” which was quickly received with critical acclaim around the world. They followed up in 2008 with “Breakin’ Bread With The Devil.” They released their full-length CD, “Til Death Do Us Part,” in 2012. Their most recent album, “Back to Momo,” was released in 2015 to the praise of everyone from classic music industry magazines to the former Guns n’ Roses manager Doug Goldstein, who hailed it as “the best record that he’s heard since ‘Appetite For Destruction.’” Blacklist Union recently signed with Doug Goldstein and When Pigs Fly Entertainment.

Over the years Tony West has worked with artists like Todd Youth (Agnostic Front; Cro-mags; Murphy’s Law; Danzig), Jay Gordon (Orgy), and Andrew Wood (Malfunkshun; Mother Love Bone) among many others. Tony even became the singer of Malfunkshun for a time, which was an unbelievable honor. He was the temporary lead singer of Tracie Gun’s L.A. Guns from 2011-2012. Tony is proud to do his part in carrying the torch of better days of rock, cutting through the current generation of pop and rock stars with an approach that is truly authentic and personal.

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