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There’s a trend in the music industry toward artists recording songs they didn’t write. Being an authentic singer/songwriter is a beautiful talent that true artists should be proud of. Anyone with a good voice can sing a song that was created by someone else, but it’s something special when a person writes their own music.

Songwriting itself is a process that requires a lot of talent. Some have it, and some don’t. I also have a certain level of respect for artists who can successfully curate a song to tell a deep story, but being an amazing storyteller as a singer is equivalent to being an Oscar-winning actor who didn’t write their own screenplay. Surprisingly, even artists like Elton John and Elvis Presley didn’t write their own lyrics. Singing and performing are worthy talents, but the person who wrote the songs should earn an equal amount of recognition for their participation in creating the track.

In my opinion, you can tell the difference between a generic song and one that has an artist’s entire heart and soul poured into it.

Writing Songs for Blacklist Union

My writing process is unique. Life is what inspires me. Every song I’ve written is based on an event or adventure in my life. Some are happy, some are ironic and some are sad. I write the songs about my own life, but in a way that other people can relate to. I aim to make listeners really feel something. Each track brings them on a journey with me. If you look back at some of my other blogs and press, you can get a better idea of the emotion and situations behind some of Blacklist Union’s more popular tracks.  

So, You Want to Be a Singer/Songwriter?

Songwriting and being in the music business isn’t for everyone. You have to continuously be working on your craft and hunting for the next big thing. If you take a break or lose yourself in the shuffle of everything, you’re making room for another artist or band to sweep in and captivate the audience you worked so hard to gain. If being a singer/songwriter is your dream, don’t let someone push you into being a watered-down, generic version of yourself. Conquer any adversity to create art that you’re proud to perform.

Life would be easier as a doctor or lawyer. Your paychecks would be more regular and there would be constant job security. But if you have a passion for music and the talent to make it big, go for it. People will tell you you can’t, but that doesn’t mean they’re right. Follow your gut and do what you love. The world needs doctors and lawyers, but it also needs talented artists who can produce music that makes life worth living.